The lost dogs


Can we go to the swings? It was the sixth time Henry had asked in as many minutes. Mum gave in as Henry knew she would. As soon as they reached the park gates Henry wrenched his hand free from Mummy’s and rushed down the path toward the swings. But his way was blocked by a small dog in the middle of the path.

“Hello Henry, I’m Jasper” said the dog.

Henry was amazed. How did the dog know my name? he thought. The dog turned and ran down the path, just slowly enough to let Henry follow and just fast enough so that he had to keep looking at the dog’s tail wagging from side to side to make sure that he was keeping up. Eventually the dog stopped and Henry was able to get his breath back. He looked round to see that they were in a part of the park that he had never visited. If they were in the park at all. Although it was January the trees were thick with bright green leaves, and the flowers lifted their heads above the grass to enjoy the warm sunshine. But he did not have much time to look around. He found that he was surrounded by four more dogs.

‘I’m Brett’ said a silky red-haired spaniel.

“I’m Susan” said a big butch alsation.

“I’m Ty” said a little terrier.

“Care for a game?” said the fourth dog - a black and white labrador sitting down with a football between his legs. Henry loved football. ‘YES’ replied Henry. “Simple rules - if you score a goal you’re the next goalie - we play until everyone has been in goal. OK?” said the labrador, Jasper had already moved into the goal and they all raced towards it Tackling and passing the ball back until Susan nudged the ball past Tim. She took her place in goal and was a formidable goalie and frustrated many shots until at last Ty slipped in a goal. Try as he might Henry could not score. Just when he thought he had a clear shot and as he drew his foot back the ball was taken by a fast moving dog. I think it must have been the dogs who took pity on Henry and gave him the chance to score. At last! Henry took his place in the goal and looked over the pitch eager to defend the goal. But the dogs had gone, the sky was grey and he could see the swings ahead. “Did I fall asleep? Was this all a dream? Henry thought as he ran toward the swings.

But he would meet the dogs again........

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